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Canadian music legend and icon, Stompin’ Tom Connors, died this afternoon. He was 77.

Stompin’ Tom was born in 1938 in Saint John, New Brunswick, and grew up in PEI. He is remembered for such famous songs as “The Hockey Song”, “Bud the Spud”, and “Big Joe Mufferaw”.  

He was also known for his vivaciousness - he famously had disputes with the Juno Awards (he opposed Canadian artists doing all their business in the States and returning to collect awards) as well as the CBC (who refused to air a 2005 special he recorded for the network). His dedication to Canada through his music, his message, and his actions, will be remembered long after his death.

He wrote this message to pass along to his fans after his death:

Hello friends, I want all my fans, past, present, or future, to know that without you, there would have not been any Stompin’ Tom. It was a long hard bumpy road, but this great country kept me inspired with it’s beauty, character, and spirit, driving me to keep marching on and devoted to sing about its people and places that make Canada the greatest country in the world. I must now pass the torch, to all of you, to help keep the Maple Leaf flying high, and be the Patriot Canada needs now and in the future. I humbly thank you all, one last time, for allowing me in your homes, I hope I continue to bring a little bit of cheer into your lives from the work I have done.

Canada is closed, everyone go home.


Rest in peace, good sir. 

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